- P. G. Wodehouse

By P. G. Wodehouse

  • Release Date: 1995-11-01
  • Genre: Comedy
  • © 1995 by Blackstone Audio, Inc.

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Title Writer
P. G. Wodehouse

Summary :

Welcome to Blandings Castle, a place that is never itself without an imposter.

Wodehouse himself once noted that "Blandings has impostors like other houses have mice." On this particular occasion there are two, both intent on a dangerous enterprise. Lord Emsworth's secretary, the Efficient Baxter, is on the alert and determined to discover what is afoot—despite the distractions caused by the Honorable Freddie Threepwood's hapless affair of the heart.

Freddie is engaged to marry the daughter of a wealthy American who is a passionate collector of ancient Egyptian scarabs. When one goes missing, a thousand-pound reward is offered for its return and Blandings becomes a madhouse as friends turn rivals in the scramble to retrieve the object.

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