- Rick Reilly

By Rick Reilly

  • Release Date: 2005-06-22
  • Genre: Comedy
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Title Writer
Rick Reilly

Summary :

From Sports Illustrated writer Rick Reilly comes this spoof of all things golf and country club. Missing Links is the story of four middle-class buddies who live outside Boston and play golf together at Ponkaquoque Municipal Course and Deli, not so fondly known as Ponky. An eighteen-hole garbage dump with hazards that include a concrete river surrounded by a chain-link fence and the pillars of the elevated train track that runs through the course, it is reputed to be the worst golf course in America. Just adjacent to the municipal course lies the Mayflower Country Club, the most exclusive private course in all of Boston. The rollicking plot includes a bet to see who will be first to sneak in a round at the Mayflower, as well as the narrator’s attempts to reach some sort of reasonable understanding with his overbearing father.

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