- Ian F. Svenonius

By Ian F. Svenonius

  • Release Date: 2020-02-11
  • Genre: Comedy
  • © 2020 by Blackstone Publishing

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Title Writer
Ian F. Svenonius

Summary :

Ian F. Svenonius’s new collection of sixteen essays and stories, entitled Censorship Now!!, is reorganizing people’s ideas about censorship; Ikea; documentary film-making; the Berlin Wall; the film Heathers; the twist; the frug; the mashed potato; shaving one’s body; Apple, Inc.; Nordic functionalism; the supposed benevolence of the Wikipedia; hoarding; college rock; the origins of the internet; and more. It’s an underground smash which has been met with horrified gasps in all respectable quarters and gog-eyed enthusiasm in artist garrets the world over.

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